About Switzerland

Switzerland, known to many as the “country of Alps”, is a natural theme park showcasing three of Europe's most distinct cultures. To the north is Germany with their beer and sausages; to the south west is France, known for their wines and shopping paradise; in the south east is Italy with their pizzas, cappuccino and Mediterranean climate and to the north Austria and Liechtenstein. Combined you’ll get an idea about the Swiss culture.

Bern City

Swiss are very proud people and like everything done in the Swiss way. They are never too late, very practical and love their traditions. The country itself has some beautiful attractions, like the Alps, valleys and numerous lakes. Unfortunately Switzerland is quite expensive, but what you get in return is that trains always run on time, you can experience top quality food and amazing winter sports facilities.

Switzerland can be the perfect destination for outdoor lovers. You can go hiking, snowboarding and skiing, but also for people who would like a quite holiday with a good book in the sun, it’s perfect. This relatively small country is packed with natural wonders and has a fascinating culture and history, which will astonish you for sure!










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