Aarau - Cities and Other Attractions

This is a canton in north central Switzerland, bordered on the north by Germany state of Baden-Württemberg, on the west by the cantons of Baselland, Solothurn and Bern, on the south by the canton of Lucerne and on the east by the cantons of Zurich and Zug. The capital of the canton is Aarau and it has been since 1803.

Living in the present-day canton of Aargau during the last centuries BC were the Gallic Raurics and Helvetians. After conquest by Julius Caesar, this land became part of the province of Upper Germania. Important towns in Roman Aargau were Vindonissa (today Windisch) whose great amphitheater can still be seen today, Confluentes (Koblenz), Tenedo (Zurzach) und Aquae Helveticae (Baden).


The Alemans who came from Lake Constance settled in the region in 259 AD, later there descendents were forced to move when Clovis and Franks took over the region in 496. After the division of the Frankish Carolingian Empire in 843, eastern German kingdom took over the area. Later on it became part of the Burgundy Empire which was also part of the Roman Empire till the middle ages.

When napoleon took over Switzerland in 1798 and made it a French protectorate, a constitution of a new unified swiss was made, hence making it Swiss republic. Through this the cantons of Aargau and Baden were created, in 1805 Aargau became a sovereign canton of the Swiss confederation. In 1814 Bern tried to grab Aargau territory but was unable to, in 1831 the revision of the constitution divested the aristocrats of their former powers in Aargau.




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