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Aargau - Aarau

Habsburg Castle

The castle was built in the 11th century; it’s located at wulpelsberg peak. The construction of the castle began in 1028 AD and took some time before it was finished. In the 15th century the canton of Bern took over the castle, and it was used as a farm house.

In 1804 Aargau canton acquired the canton.  The castle is a magnificent site, it has retained it original look through all the years. Part of the residential building is now a restaurant, visitors can enjoy fabulous dishes as you gaze at he captivating castle. The best part is the castle remains open, throughout the year.

  Habsburg Castle


Baden is a beautiful spa town on the river Limmat; it’s only 24km from Zurich. Baden is German for baths, this pleasant town is known as a relaxing town, people flock in this town to just relax and enjoy its warm water. The accommodations prices are not high; you can visit Zurich and save money on accommodation. If you want to do nothing but sit and enjoy the sun, then Baden awaits.







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