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Aarau is the capital of Aargau, the capital is mainly German speaking and most people in the area are Protestants.  Founded in 1250 A.D, it was the capital of the Helvetic republic for a short period in 1798.

It is locates in the valley of Aar, on the river’s right bank and on the southern foot of the Jura Mountains. Items manufactured in the area include bells, mathematical instruments, electrical goods, shoes, and other products.



police museum

The museum is dedicated to the police and to those who enjoy the battle against crime.

Old Town

The old town is filled with gothic buildings, and as you take a walk down the streets, you will see medieval fortifications of the city. If you love to shop then you are in the right place for there are a wide variety of goods on offer. Ask the tourist officer for a map, it’s easy to navigate through the old town.

City Tower  

The "Oberer Turm" (City Tower)

The tower was constructed in the 13th century, and in the 16th century it was renovated. The bottom floors served as prisons until 1876, the tower is the highest in Swiss.

Aargauer Kunsthaus (Art Museum)

On display at the museum is Swiss art, which dates as early as 18th century, there is also modern art on display. Exhibitions on different topics also take place.






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