Appenzell Innerrhoden

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This is the smallest canton by population in Switzerland; it is the second smallest by area. It’s located in the north of Switzerland, and has an area of 173km2. This canton was split in 1597, to form Appenzell Innerrhoden the other half is Appenzell Ausserrhoden the split was due to religious reasons.

The capital of the canton is Appenzell; the constitution of Appenzell Innerrhoden was established in 1872. Although the canton is mountainous, most of it is pastoral.

  Appenzell Innerrhoden

The canton also has various agricultural activities, they include cattle breeding and dairy farming.

Appenzell Innerrhoden Coat of Arms  

The people of the canton attend the general assembly, the assembly takes place every last Sunday of April and it is held in a square.

People get to vote on laws and elect the governing council; women were not allowed to vote, but in 1990 the federal supreme court of Switzerland allowed them to be voting.








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