Appenzell Innerrhoden - Cities and Other Attractions

Appenzell is the capital of Appenzell Innerrhoden and it’s a Roman Catholic city, it’s located near the Appenzell Ausserrhoden, which is a protestant canton.

The capital is known for its annual open air general assembly which takes place at the city square; during the general assembly the citizens get to vote for issues instead of the elected officials doing it.


The citizens of Appenzell love culture and during events you get to see them in the outfits and special costumes, it is also in this city you get to see alphorn playing, and you get to a taste of Swiss traditional music. For art lovers you will see and feel it in, the houses are distinctive and they have an artistic feel. Apart from that there is the Appenzeller panoramic cow painting.




This is a 5,394 foot mountain found in Appenzell, visitors can get to the mountain by using a cablecar from the nearby Wasserauen. Near the mountain is another attraction, a cave that was occupied by religious hermits it’s walking distance from the mountain.


Säntis is the highest mountain in eastern Switzerland; you can go to Säntis by train or bus, when you get to Schwägalp.

From Schwägalp an aerial cable car will lift you to the peak of mount Säntis. From the peak you can see across Lake Constance into Germany.

St. Mauritius

St. Mauritius is the main church in Appenzell; it is a beautiful church with well kept grounds. It fits perfectly well in the town, with it magnificent and well decorated interior. The church is a good to place to explore and learn more about it’s rich history.












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