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Basel-Stadt - Basel City

Offene Kirche Elisabethen

This is one of the well maintained buildings in Switzerland; it has maintained its gothic features even after so many years.

After the reformation churches were not built in Basel, Elisabethen kirche boasts of being the first to be built during this period.

The construction of the church began in 1857 until 1864; the church was built as a symbol of Christianity in the state it’s a protestant church. In the 1960’s the church was to be demolished but they reconsidered, it now owned by the free church of Elisabeth. The public is allowed to host events in the church, even discos can be held in the church.



The synagogue was built by Jews, who were already residents of Switzerland, the construction begun in 1866 until 1869.


The synagogue has unique features; it has borrowed mainly from oriental and Moorish cultures. A dome was added to the synagogue and renovations were made, making it retain it old features.


It is a magnificent view, with many trees and a beautiful inner courtyard. The protestant church comprises a basilica and a side tower, it has gothic features. It has retained its features making it a classic building.











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