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This Switzerland’s second largest city, the city can be defined as the city of art. It has over a dozen museum and a population of about 200, 000 people, making it stand out from the rest of the cities.

Its location makes it a preferred travel destination and it’s also a transport hub, with an airport in French soil and it has France and Germany has its close neighbors. It also has river Rhine on its territory hence making it a busy stop for cruises from Holland and Germany.

  Basel City

It is also the main gateway for trains from Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, and other major cities in Europe. Basel connects northern and central Europe with the Alpine region and Italy; this has made Basel become a major business center in Europe.

In Basel you have a wide range of activities and sights to see, art is in plenty, churches that go way back are also in plenty. To catch the magic of this city take a walk in the old town where tourist sights are near each other, fountains are numerous on the streets with benches on the side if you need to relax. The old houses and quiet corners make the town look magnificent it’s an enchanting place to visit.


Münster cathedral


The cathedral was built in the 13 th century and was rebuilt in 1356 after an earthquake caused destruction to it.

It has artistic and old features, which have been retained after so many years. Among it’s early features is a statue of the saint impaling a dragon, it also has the stone carving of the cathedral’s founder Emperor Heinrich II holding a model of the church with his wife on the left. The foolish virgin and her satanic seducer are on the right.


The Kunstmuseum dates back to the 17th century with a collection that begun in the pre-reformation era. Basel boasts of being the first city to have art collections long before they were made public. In 1661 the museum was to be moved to Amsterdam, but luckily the professors from university of Basel protested and it was retained in Basel. The museum has continued to be a tourist attraction, with a great display of Swiss history that cannot be found in other museums.

Fischmarktbrunnen Fountain

The fountain was built in the 14th century and it was the most beautiful fountain in northern Europe. The breathtaking fountain has gothic features and a gothic centerpiece which can be found in the historical museum. This masterpiece has some great features, it has four solid gargoyles and above them are angels with musical instruments. It has a large figure that represents peter, Mary, and John; the smaller figures represent saints and prophets. The best time to visit the fountain would be on Sunday, when there is less noise in the area.

Museum Jean Tinguely

The museum is dedicated to jean Tinguely he is the one who designed the fountain in Theaterplatz.Works on display at the museum range from mechanized sculptures, to sculptures made out of iron, the museum can be reached by bus.

Martinskirche Tower

The tower is located in the old town of Basel, it’s like it’s a beautiful hidden secret from the rest of the world. The tower has a lot of history, it survived the earthquake and it was rebuilt in 1923, it has retained most of it earlier features.

It still has old paintings on the wall, visitors will love to see these magnificent building. It is still used for concerts and every autumn the bells can be heard ringing from afar.

  Martinskirche Tower

Antonius kirche

The church began on a bad note, with many believing it was doomed to fail. The conservative Catholics laughed it off, calling it a silo for souls. There was debate on which style would be used to build the church, some preferred neo-Gothic while others were for in neo-baroque. The latter was used by a professor of architect at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. It has unpainted walls and large stained walls.


At the Architekturmuseum visitors get to view works from Swiss and international artists. There also documentaries on different themes, guided tours, discussions, and exhibitions are offered. The museum also treats its guest on a tour around the city and you get to see the most interesting building of the 20 th century.









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