Fribourg city - Cities and Other Attractions

Fribourg is situated in west Switzerland, it name is derived from the districts that surround it. Most of Fribourg is productive and it is the heart of pastoral Switzerland, its famous as the canton that boasts of no glaciers or snow. It’s also well known for its cheese and cattle, and the melody the herdsmen make while they call there cattle home.

The canton is watered by the Saane River that flows through it from north to south; the canton is surrounded by lakes and beautiful springs. Apart from the lakes and the rivers that pass through it, the railway also runs through the canton, from Fribourg to Morat and to Estavayer.

Most of the citizens in the cantons are Romanists, Protestants and a small percent of Jews. Common languages are German and French, with a majority speaking French. It’s a productive canton and beautiful to visit too.












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