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Fribourg - Fribourg city

Walking tour

Fribourg can be best felt while walking, since it’s hilly and steep; this is the best exercise you can give yourself. As walk take a moment to see the ancient cobbled Rue de la Grand-Fontaine, just near the fountain is hotel de Ville if you are tired you can pop in for a bite and relax abit. Enjoy the view of the nearby river and just sit relax and enjoy the fresh air.


Murten is a town in the canton of Fribourg and it’s situated on the southern shores of Lake Morat, the name of town comes from a Celtic word moriduno, which means lakeside fortress.

In 1159 a town was founded next to the fortress, the town has grown since then and it’s now the capital of the Lake district of the canton of Fribourg.

  The town of Murten











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