Fribourg city

Fribourg - Cities and Other Attractions

The town dates back to 1157, the town is surrounded by three cliffs. The city and its canton joined the Swiss confederation in 1481 and was part of the separate alliance. The city has a population of about 70,000 people.

The city’s medieval center is one of the largest in Europe and it takes you back to the old times, since it has been well preserved through the years. The city has an old town which is surrounded by magnificent fountains and churches that have been in existence since 12 th century, it also has 14 towers within the town.

  Fribourg city

Fribourg has the most important medieval military architecture, it’s has many sights to visit, you can take a walk around the old town and see what it has to offer.


Freiburg Cathedral

Freiburg Cathedral  

A great master piece is what can describe this cathedral, it features are gothic mostly borrowed from German art. A bell dating 1258 is placed on octagonal belfry, the construction work begun in 1200 and it was completed in 1620 although it took a lot of time and work, the builders were able to use different gothic styles.

Inside the cathedral is a sculpture of the Christ child by the magi and it goes back to the 16th century. There is also the statue of the virgin with two angels; it’s situated at the far end of the aisle, the cathedral’s pulpit has winding stairs below the stairs are figures that represent the people of the town and was made in the 16 th century.

The Augustiner Museum

it’s located at St. Augustine and displays various collections of art, which is divided in to religious art, the work on display dates back to 1000 years ago. Also on display are the cathedral’s original windows and its medieval gold and silver which was brought here for safe keeping. Augustiner is known for best works and rich art, which include works by Han Baldung Grien and also some fine gothic wooden sculpture and objects made out of glass.











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