Geneva city - Cities and Other Attractions

The official name of the canton is République et Canton de Genève, located in the southern part of Switzerland and calls itself a republic even though it is within the Swiss confederation. The canton is bordered by France on all side; Geneva is one of the most cosmopolitan areas in Switzerland.

The citizens of the canton are mostly Protestants but there is also a good number of Catholics due to immigration from southern Europe. It’s beautiful canton and has a lot of interesting places to visit.


Geneva boasts of home to dozens of international organizations. They include;

1. International Red Cross, since 1864

2. League of Nations , 1919

3. European headquarters of the United Nations, 1945

4. European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN, 1954

5. International Telecommunication Union ITU, 1865

6. World Trade Organization WTO, 1995










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