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Geneva is the one city that is known as the international city; this is due to the international events that take place in the city. The city is situated in a beautiful location, near the river Rhône and you can be able to see the peaks of Savoy Alps.

Many travellers think that Geneva is diverse like the cities of New York or London but to the contrary, it’s just a small town. L’Escalade is the most important celebration in Geneva; it marks their independence which was attained in the 16 th century.

Due to its diversity, the city of Geneva has 38 percent of the population as foreigners, as you walk down the streets, most of the conversations are either in French or US accented English. Most French citizens work in Geneva, while citizens of Geneva prefer shopping in France since goods are not as expensive.

  City of Geneva

Reformer Jean Calvin is the spiritual father of the city, he was the one who made Geneva to be known as Protestant Rome, and his spirit is still felt in the city. This is a magnificent city to live in and also to tour.


Le Jet d'Eau

Le Jet d'Eau at Night  

This is the Eiffel Tower of Geneva, this is emblem of the city. It is the tallest water fountain in the world it stands at 140m and it hard to miss it. The magnificent fountain attracts a lot of visitors, and if you are a romantic at heart then you will enjoy watching at night when it’s lit up.

The fountain was finished in 1891 and it became a tourist attraction, you can visit it from the beginning of March to mid-October. If you don’t mind getting a splash, you can move closer to have a better view.

Cathedrale St Pierre

The cathedral history dates back to 1160, but it took a long time to finish it due to a number of setbacks. In the 15 th century during the austere reformation the cathedral was left bare it got stripped of its altars, statues, paintings and furniture it was left with glass windows alone. It was later reconstructed and the 18 th century neo-classical features were added to it. the cathedral has preserved most of the archeological sites that are from the beginning of Christianity to the 12 th century, you can also visit the exhibitions and view the 5 th century mosaics, pits, on display. The cathedral’s north tower offers a splendid view of the city, just take the 157 steps of the narrow winding staircase.

L'Horloge Fleurie

It is a symbol of the well known clock industry in Switzerland, it was constructed in 1955 and though they were a few problems, it was finished and became a colourful sight.

The clock has a diameter of 5 meters and a circumference of 15.7 meters; it has the longest hand in the world. The clock was designed between 6,500 plants and its set in the Jardin Anglais on the lakeside.

  L'Horloge Fleurie

The clock’s design is changed every season and each design is better than the previous one. Visitors flock at the site to take pictures and to just have a look at the beautiful clock.

Promenade des Bastions

it was a botanical garden before it was converted into a park, locals love the park, and you will not miss a colourful crowd who come to relax at the park. There is a giant chess board in the park and visitors flock at it to play or just watch, the reformation monument in the park is a symbol of Swiss and European protestant reformers and also a reminder of Calvin’s doctrines. The best time to visit the park is during the day, avoid visiting it at night.

Museum d'Histoire Naturelle

The museum is very popular and attracts an average of 250,000 visitors yearly, the museum has been running since 1966. The museums holds various exhibitions, there is one for regional wildlife, exotic wildlife, history of the earth and presentation on minerals.

Tropical Corner

If you love to surf or the out doors then tropical cancer will be great, for those who don’t know how to surf the tropical corner offers lessons. It is open only in high season that’s from May to September.

Le Salève

Le Salève is for those who are outgoing and love adventure, it dominates much of Geneva but it’s located in France just across the border.

  Le Salève

There is a cablecar that takes visitors up the mountain once you have reached you can view the beautiful city of Geneva. There is lovely flora and fauna around the area, and nature lovers can take walks.







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