Glarus city - Cities and Other Attractions

It’s one of the oldest cantons in Switzerland and it still follows most of its original laws to govern the canton. The canton still observes the open air parliament where citizens gather to discuss laws to govern their canton and to also vote. During the annual open air government “Landsgemeinde” the citizens eat a traditional dish of veal sausage and mash potatoes, you can get this dish in many restaurants. Canton Glarus major industries are the dairy product and agriculture industries, due to this the canton boasts of making the best cheese.

Schabziger is a famous cheese that is made from herbs and can be kept for a long time; it is only produced in this canton.

Canton Glarus has mountain ranges that tempt visitors to go hiking, but for those who don’t want to hike chair lifts are available to take you to the alpine pastures. Visit the mountain restaurant and enjoy the sunshine as you listen birds sing melodiously, it is an enjoyable mountain holiday. During winter you can ski or snow board, other sports also take place.












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