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Glarus - Glarus city


This is a stream that marks the border between Glarus and Uri, the stream has been flowing since 1196. Legend has it that the stream was made the border after disputes by the two counties in 1315, so they decided that at first cockcrow two runners would compete.

They started the race from Altdorf and Linthal respectively and the point where the two runners would meet would be the border.


The people of Glarus decided to give there cock enough food while the ones from Uri did not feed their cock, come morning the cock from Uri arose early due to hunger, while the one from Glarus over slept. So the runner from Uri started running before the Glarus had even woken up, the Uri runner completed the race before the Glarus runner. They negotiated and the Glarus runner decided to carry the Uri runner back uphill, the point where he fell and died was made the border. The area is also used by cyclists and it’s also known for hiking.













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