Glarus City

Glarus - Cities and Other Attractions

The beautiful city of Glarus is the capital of the canton of the same name; it located on the foot of Glärnisch.

The city was rebuilt in 1861 after it was destroyed by a fire; there are some buildings that survived the fire and have retained there features to date they include Leuzinger-Paravicini house and the "Haus in der Wies" ("house in the meadow"), built for Johann Heinrich Streiff (1746-1748), the founder of the Glarnus textile industry.

The town hall is where most activities take place, like the open air parliament also known as Landesgemeinde it takes place on the first Sunday of the month of May.

  Glarus City

It also boasts of great architecture, an example is the twin-towered Neo-Romanesque church (Protestant) which was built in 1866. The city is old, beautiful and welcoming to visitors.


Historical Museum

The museum is well known for a collection of natural history and exhibitions displaying works of 19th and 20 th century’s artists. Paintings and graphics are also on display, the museum also has section for international artists.

Swiss Historical Village

The building is a symbol of Glarus history and how it came to be, it has details on early farming it shows how Glarus has developed since then.












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