Chur - Cities and Other Attractions

This is a large canton located on the south eastern part of Switzerland, it’s also near Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. Not many tourists visit Graubünden, but for those who love hiking, photo taking or just need a break then the canton will do for you it‘s rough in nature.

The canton has integrated different cultures and the citizens speak German, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic, English is used in the tourism sector.

The river Rhine finds it’s origin in the west of Graubünden; it flows through the capital city of the canton. Graubünden is surrounded by beautiful valleys they include the valley of Prättigau, the valley of Albula which is in the center of the canton. The canton has villages like Filisur and Bergün. The canton is also know for it’s delicious delicacies, there is the dried beef called Bündnerfleisch and honey pie known as Bündner Nusstorte.














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