Graubünden - Cities and Other Attractions

The city of Chur is the capital of Graubünden and has been since 1803, it is the oldest city in Swiss and it’s over 5,000 years old. Chur got its name from Celtic and it means clan or tribe.

Swiss has a population of about 33,000 people, the city has different languages, and German is widely spoken, followed by Romansch and Italian languages. Most people in the region are Protestants, Catholics and a small percent of Jews.

  Chur the oldest City in Swiss

Chur is surrounded by the Alps, and it is above sea level. Water from Chur springs are exported and sold as mineral water. Chur gives the visitor a feeling of history, as you stroll down the streets and get to see the buildings of the oldest city in Switzerland. The old town hall has cobbled streets, courtyards, it has the spirit of old in it and just being there you feel as if you have traveled back to a thousand years.


Swiss National Park

This national park is the largest protected area in Switzerland; it was founded in 1914 and boasts of being among the first parks in Europe it has an area of 174.2 km².

Ibex in Swiss National Park  

Visitors are not allowed to leave the road or roam outside the mountain park, disturbing of the animals is not allowed. Visitors are also not allowed to take anything home from the park.

Rhaetisches Museum

the museum is has a lot of history about the region and Switzerland as a whole. It is the one museum that the best information on the past events.

Bündner Kunstmuseum

The museum is situated in a park; it mainly exhibits paintings and sculptures from well known artists. Some of the work displayed is by artists like Giovanni, Segantini, Angelica Kauffmann, Ferdinand Hodler, and Cuno Amiet, as well as by Alberto and Augusto Giacometti. The museum

Shopping in Chur

Shopping in Chur is fun, you can shop at the newer part of chur which has larger department stores or you can go to the historical part of it which has narrow streets and smaller shops. As you shop you can visits the restaurants or the pubs.














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