Basel-Landschaft - Cities and Other Attractions

It’s the capital of Basel-Landschaft, Liestal is located 17km south of Basel. Liestal has retained its historical feel, with Cobble Street and an old town. Liestal history dates back to 1189 during the roman times. Its location has helped in the rapid growth of the town, its located on the road between the first bridge over the Rhine at Basel and the St.Gotthard Pass. Liestal also participated in the Burgundian war in 1477.

In the 17th century it was occupied by troops from Basel as part of the rebellion and this led to the beheading of three men from Liestal.


They saw Napoleon as their hero, but after his fall attacks from Basel continued. In 1830 the provincial government was established and Liestal was made a capital city.



This is an old festival, no one knows when or how it started, but it has become a major event in Liestal. The festival is described as the chasing away of winter using fire, the festival is held every year on the Sunday after Ash Wednesday. It’s a lively festival, which involves a huge carnival groups which march through the old town.

Chienbaese Festival  

After the carnival groups, men and women of the town are next they carry burning brooms, the march in the streets, amid cheering from watching crowds.

The most spectacular thing in the carnival must be the fire wagons, they contain burning fire wood and they are pulled through the streets of the old town by sixteen people. The wagon stops when it gets to where the crowd is, the fire brigade has to water it before and after the procession. The festival attracts visitors from far and near, it is a great way to kick out winter.











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