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Lucerne - Lucerne City

Palm Sunday in Lucerne

The people of the Lucerne canton commemorate Jesus arrival in Jerusalem by holding procession in the city streets. In the olden days people used to carry a figure of Jesus riding on a donkey it would be attached to a wheel and would accompany the processions but today it’s only done by the clergy and young boys carrying palms. Firs are used to represent the palms the firs are decorated with colored ribbons and apples. The apples are later eaten on Palm Sunday.

Cathedral of St. Leodegar

The twin towers sit on a small hill just above the lake front, it was originally built in 735, the interior of the towers is well decorated and they are a reminder of the renaissance style.

Bertel Thorvaldsen

Commonly referred to as the lion monument it’s the carving of a dying lion it’s found in a small park off lowenplatz. The monument also acts as a symbol of hundreds of swiss guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French revolution.

  Bertel Thorvaldsen















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