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The city of Lucerne has a population of about 57,000 people and it considered to be one of Switzerland’s most charming and beautiful cities.

Historians claim that Lucerne was the chief town of the Burgundian kings, it is hard to tell the history of the city of Lucerne or whether there was a settlement here long ago.

Lucerne was first mentioned in 840 AD, as the church expanded so did the community. By 13 th century the town had grown this was due to the opening of the road over the St. Gothard, and the increase of traffic between Italy and western Germany.

  Lucerne City

The city is known as a cultural center, it offers a lot of activities and entertainment to visitors, some of the sports you can play while in the city include, tennis, golf, sailing and mountaineering. For party goers, Lucerne has a fantastic nightlife, bars are many and discos playing the kind of music you like are in plenty too. Citizens of Lucerne enjoy quality life as they get good benefits, from high standard of education to great medical service.




It is one of the oldest bridges in Europe and it attracts many tourists, the bridge is 204m and cross the Reuss River.

The bridge was constructed in 1333 and was built as protection for the city of Lucerne. The bridge contains paintings that date back to 17 th century; the paintings show the history of Lucerne. In 1993, the bridge burnt down but it was rebuilt and most of the paintings were restored.

The water tower is near the bridge and it stands at 140 feet tall, it has served as a prison, torture chamber, watch tower and treasury today it serves as the guild hall of the artillery association. The bridge and the tower attract a lot of visitors and they are the mot photographed monuments in the country.


it is also known as the glacier garden, and has 32 potholes that were worn into the sandstone bed of an Iron Age glacier. The holes measure up to 9m wide and are also very deep. A museum has been built on the site and contains prehistoric information and also displays remains of plant and animal life, the museum also shows a 12 minute film and the visitors get to learn more about the glacier garden.

Verkenrshaus der Schweiz

The museum is considered to be among the best in Europe and it attracts a lot of visitors both local and international the museum has the latest and old means of transport on display, they include airplanes, automobiles and many more.

Riga, the oldest motor boat in the country is also on display, it was built in 1847. The museum has an exhibition of a Swiss railway crossing the Gotthard pass; it has also added other attractions which include adventure rides.

  Verkenrshaus der Schweiz

Historisches Museum Luzern

the museum used to be storage of weapons in the 1560’s but in 1983 it was reconfigured and it became a museum for art and sculptures. The museum prides itself for having art and crafts that date to 1600 and 1900, among it’s celebrated features is the gothic style stone monument , other features include the stone carved knights and cherubs that are at the pinnacle.

The Bourbaki Panorama

The Bourbaki Panorama  

The Bourbaki Panorama has a lot of history, its best known as the 19th century bloodbath that reinforced Switzerland as a neutral power; it also proved to be a big test for the Red Cross.

It also commemorates the Franco-Prussian war, one incident that is remembered most is when the French forces were disarmed by the French army and later the citizens of Switzerland welcomed them into their homes to rest and to stay away from the brutal winter.

The event has been hailed has one of best acts of humanitarian courage. Visitors are taken back to the days of the war by sounds of gunshots and events that took place during the war.















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