Neuchâtel Canton

Neuchâtel City - Cities and Other Attractions

Located in the west of Switzerland the name of the canton goes back to the days of the Roman Empire, and borders Bern to the northeast and France to the northwest. The canton is surrounded by beauty, lying central to the Jura Mountains and Lake Neuchâtel to the southeast.

A large percent of the citizens are Protestants, the French preacher Guillaume Farel helped popularize the teachings of the protestant reformation in the region in 1530.

The canton was ruled by King Fredrick 1 of Prussia from 1707 to 1848. The canton is famous for its good wines that are grown along Lake Neuchâtel, dairy farming and cattle breeding is practiced in the valleys. Horse breeding is wide spread in the region and it is what sets the canton apart from the rest.

  Neuchâtel Canton

The canton has other industries in the region with watch making being successfully established and microchip begun recently. French is the proffered language of communication.

















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