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The capital of the canton of the same name, the city is the biggest town on Lake Neuchâtel . The town has become popular and attracts tourist who come to visit it for it architecture which dates back to the early centuries, boat cruises, hiking and many more activities. The city dates back to 1011 when it was owned by the dues of burgundy, it became the capital in 1815.

Neuchâtel has become a lovely and lively town, it has attractions worth visiting like the University of Neuchâtel which was constructed in 1838, and visitors use the city as a base to travel in the region.



Musée d’Art et d’Histoire

the museum will be a treat for art lovers; a whole floor has historical art on display. Most of the rooms are devoted to fine arts and the displays are organized by themes for examples there are themes on nature, civilization etc. there is a room in the museum that exhibits unusual art like the Automates Jaquet-Droz, three mechanical figurines built to the most exacting technical standards by a Neuchâtelois watchmaker in the 1770s and still in perfect working order today. Most visitors show up on the first Sunday of the month when the art is brought back to life for a demonstration.


Château in Neuchâtel



It is built on top of a hill, it was built in 12 th century and they act as the offices of the cantonal government. While you are on top of the Château, you get to see the beautiful old town and if you cannot climb up, then you still view the old town from the terraces. The terraces take you back to the old days when knights, dukes and ladies and maybe the viewed the town from the terraces.

Collégiale Church

Built in 1185 the church was is an example of early gothic, the church was dedicated to the virgin. It took one hundred years to complete the church, the main entrance, from the Château side, is crowned by a giant rose window of stained glass.



















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