Nidwalden - Cities and Other Attractions

This is the capital of Nidwalden canton; it was first mentioned in 1172 although it was the scene of the diet of Stans in 1481.

Stans was occupied by the French and due to this majority of the people speak French, the name Stans comes from a tiny shrimp of the same name, and legend says that two girls discovered it. Within a period of time the shrimps increased in number. it is a small but romantic town, and a great place to visit.



Stanserhorn - The five-star mountain

The breathtaking 5-star-mountain, get to ride the aerial cable car which takes you up the mountain, this is a ride you wouldn’t want to miss.

Stanserhorn - Waltzing Around the Alps

Splendid, is what can describe it, get to watch the sunset, dinner by candle light, the perfect gateaway. Get to feel the breeze while you are 1000meters in altitude above Lake Lucerne, a perfect dinner will be served at the restaurant Rondorama. You will get to know why Friday nights in central Switzerland are just for candle lit dinners, if you are a romantic, you will be swept off your feet.




















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