Sarnen - Cities and Other Attractions

Obwalden was part of Unterwalden canton, but it is now a half canton located in central Switzerland. The name Obwalden means above the forest it refers the forest of Kerns which divided the two cantons in earlier times.

Obwalden is a major tourist attraction and due to its central location visitors keep streaming in. Pilatus and Titlis mountains attract many tourists, with many coming during the winter and they get to participate in various activities like snowboarding, skiing among others.

During the summer visitors participate in hiking and mountaineering, and other outdoor activities. The region has resorts too; they include Engelberg, Melchsee-Frutt, Lungern-Schonbuel, Morlialp and Langis.

  Canton of Obwalden

Obwalden is a cultural town and many traditional cultures still take place, traditional music, carnivals, dances, costumes, theaters, festivals, among others. There is also works by old and modern artists on display. The canton offers a lot for both international and local victors.



















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