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Obwalden - Sarnen

Witches' tower

The witches’ tower dates back to the 13 th century when the Swiss confederation was founded, the tower is a major attraction and it’s on the last remaining buildings of its kind in Swiss. The building has lot of history and this where you will get the treaties that were signed when the Swiss confederation was born.


This is a winter sports resort and has a lot of activities to keep you busy throughout the winter; ski and snowboarding are some of activities.

While on the resort you can visit the Alpine cheese dairy or get an opportunity to know the local culture well. Those who love nature then the unique alpine flora will take your breath away.


Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus


Legend has it that the dragons lived on this mountain, and there is always a story to tell when it comes to mount Pilatus. Apart from all the legends surrounding this mountain, its beauty is what attracts visitors; the mountain is what nature lovers would call magnificent.

There is an aerial tramway that will take you up the dragon mountain and from the view is splendid. Hikers and mountaineers will enjoy the mount Pilatus, for it has both hiking and mountaineering tracks.


It is a small charming village with plenty of leisure activities for the locals and visitors too from ice skating to hiking, tennis to badminton. Apart from all the activities the village has beautiful hotels and restaurant and camping sites are in plenty. There is a beach and the people who live near by are very welcoming.






















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