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Sarnen is the charming capital of Obwalden, also famously known as the city of lights. Sarnen is surrounded by beautiful landscape and mountains; due to this it has continued to attract visitors.

Sarnen offers a relaxing atmosphere far from the hustles of the city; get to swim, or just row on Lake Sarnen or just camp in the beautiful forests.

  City Of Sarnen

During winter the city is still busy, with visitors who come to participate in winter activities, and to just watch the nearby snow covered Alps, or participate in the romantic snowshoe treks. Winter in Sarnen is magnificent.


Town Hall

The town hall was built in 1729 to 1732; the town hall has a white book that contains past historical events of the Swiss confederation. Near the hall is St. Andreas church which dates from the 17th century.

St Peter Church


The Magnificent twin towered St. Peter church is situated southeast of Sarnen on top of a hill. The church stands on a site that first was occupied by a roman building, the church has rich designs and it has most of its early features,


This is the local museum and it’s located on the northern end of Sarnen, the museum has a display of prehistoric and early works.

Most of the collections date to the 14th – 18th century, for example coins, pictures, sculptures and reconstructed alpine huts.




















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