Schaffhausen City

Schaffhausen - Cities and Other Attractions

It is the capital of a canton with the same name; the city prides itself in having one of the most captivating medieval town centres in Swiss.

The growth of the city began in the 13th and 14th centuries, with expansion of trade it continued growing rapidly and with the growth more industries were built. Today the town has become a busy commercial center and acts as a link between the canton and Germany.

The city has a lot of visitors mostly from German who visit during holidays, the city has lot of attractions with the Rhine falls as the major attractions.

  Schaffhausen City

Visitors take walks around the city and there are plenty of historical buildings to see, or you can go hiking or just enjoy a quiet moment in the garden. The city is a magnificent gem which is still hidden from the rest of the world.


Rhine falls

Rhine Falls


The beautiful and gushing waterfalls are one of the most visited places in Swiss, not only are they big but they are magnificent to look at. A rainbow appears above the forested areas and you can see the castle Schloss Laufen on cliff just above the falls.

During the Swiss National Independence Day the falls come to life, with a fantastic display of fireworks, and crowds everywhere trying to take the best shots of the falls.

Modern Art

Also known as Hallen für Neue Kunst, is a museum of contemporary art, on display are works by international artists of the early 60’s and 7os.





















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