Schaffhausen City - Cities and Other Attractions

The canton is located on northern most part of Swiss; with most of its land surrounded by Germany due to this many Germans cross the border to work in the canton and Lake Constance to the west. The canton is productive and most of the land is used for agriculture.

Also close by are the narrow valleys that intersect and Klettgau is an example. The canton boasts to having the Rhine falls which are the largest waterfalls in Europe as one of its borders. In earlier times the canton was controlled by the monastery which had all the powers.

  Northern shores of Schaffhausen

The canton attracts many visitors not only because of the falls but also because of its natural charm and cultures. For nature lovers the canton’s country side is the perfect place to visit, it offers peace and a breathtaking landscape. Schaffhausen also has its own locally grown wine known as Riesling; industries in the area include the machinery and metal goods. The canton also has leisure activities ranging from lessons in golf and water sports too.




















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