The magical city of Bern is the capital of Switzerland and it is a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site. Although it has a few attractions its beauty delights all.  It is in this city that other well known things took and take place, for example Albert Einstein worked here, the Toblerone chocolate bar is made here, and it where Emmental cheese, known as Swiss cheese, reached out to the world. Bern is also famous for its architecture which includes sandstone buildings, historical towers and it is also has eleven amazing fountains.

Bern’s townscape has not changed over the years; it still has its old buildings intact. The city is presided over by the noble dome of the house of parliament; close to the parliament are some of Bern’s historic attractions Aare River, the Prison Tower and other attractions.

You can visit the parliament, visitors are allowed in and you can also watch live proceedings, or you can just take a walk through the streets of the city. For those who love outdoors, you get a chance to swim in the river and get to see how the town takes life easy.

  Bern in the winter






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