Bern is known for having the longest covered shopping malls in Europe, this means you can still go shopping on rainy days. On squares and side streets are restaurants and cafes, also on Tuesday and Saturday morning markets for vegetables, flowers and meat are open.

Shopping markets and malls are;


This one of Berne’s traditional department store, and one of the smallest store chains in Switzerland. Loeb is owned by family members and the public have a share in it. The shop has many goods on sell, from shoes, toys to food, you’ll get them there. The shop windows look magnificent since they are original decorated, Loeb location is great; it’s hard to miss it, located next to the railway station and to the main bus station. It’s also known as the meeting point; people meet at the corner, where the main entrance is. Customer service is great and they have goods of good quality.

Bill’s Pet Shop

If you love pets, then this is the place to visit, adorable puppies and cute kittens welcome you into the shop. The shop is full of pets from birds, ferrets, some reptiles to a variety of fish.

Apart from selling of pets other services include , treats, pet-care products, toys, leashes, crates, medications and everything else needed to keep your pet happy. There is an aquarium, with professional staff ready to guide you on how you can setup one.

  A Puppy

Hearne's Jewelers

It is the place to shop for jewels, catering for both men and women jewel and it’s a well established company. The business was started in 1972 and since then it has become a great place to shop since it combines integrity and courtesy. Some of jewels in Hearne’s shop include exquisite rings, earrings, necklaces and fine watches some of them made by Seiko and citizen. They also do watch repair and do stone mounting.

Kunsthandwerk Anderegg

The shop has unique and colourful toys from all over the continent; this is the place to buy your child a unique accessory. The display window has some traditional style flying machines that float back and forth; this is a delightful shop to visit.

Bernie's Uomo

Bernie's Uomo  

From Calvin Klein, Versace, Romeo Gigli and Armani, are some of the featured designs at the shop. Styled suits and sportswear along with other accessories helps you to style up and become a whole new person. If you are a man on the move then Gigli unusual colors and loose fitting suits will do for you.






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