This one of the few events in Geneva that traces it routes to historical events. Escalade is an event that remembers the city victory over the Roman Catholic troops in 1602.

Tradition has it that quick-witted Mère Royaume hurled a bowl of boiling soup onto the enemy soldiers as they attempted to scale the walls. The feat is repeated today by Genevans, who make chocolate tureens filled with marzipan vegetables, then they smash them open while saying these words "May the enemies of the republic be destroyed in the same way."

If you love history then this event will be great for you, as you travel through time, get to see a costumed parade and the winding streets of the amazing beautiful town. The passage Monetier, a narrow walkway that leads to the remains of the roman fortifications, and it is only opened during the escalade. The escalade takes place in December 11 – 12th.

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