on the eve of St. Niklaus day the town of Kussnacht, comes alive, the night is filled with fun, with a parade taking place. A cannon shot is made and with that the parade begins in full swing, leading the parade are the Geisselchlepfer, men skilled at cracking traditional wagon couch whips. Following the wagon is Iffelen, these are candlelit, and gothic formed lantern carried on the head and shoulders of men.

Following closely are the musicians, followed by the bishop Saint Claus with his Schmutzlis, to represent the dark side of life are the black clothed chimney sweeps. Next are the locals, who come in large numbers both men and women participate. Men are dressed in white shirts and cowbells are hanged on their hips. The bells are swung in unison, this makes the bells sound as if it is made by one person. On the end of the parade are the horn blowers. If you happen to be in Kussnacht in the month of December, then you will enjoy the parade.









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