The swiss boast of being among the countries that offer the best health care in the world, although it’s expensive you can use it, since you’ll need to have your health insurance. You need to produce your immunization certificate if you were suffering from an infection two weeks before you traveled to the country.

If you are from the United Kingdom or from the European Union then you are lucky, this is because you get free emergency medical treatment, if you have a European Health insurance card (EHIC). A duck found dead in Lake Geneva, tests showed it had died from bird flu.

  European Health Insurance Card

Fear not, for no human infections have been sighted. All in all you should take precaution, and avoid contact with birds and make sure your poultry is cooked well.

Some health precautions to keep in mind as you travel to Switzerland are;

1. Make sure you wash your hands with soaps as often as you can
2. Use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
3. Do not share needles, toothbrush and other personal effects with anyone.
4. If you are suffering from any liver complications or immune system then you shouldn’t take raw shellfish.
5. You should take bottled water if you are traveling in the rural areas.
6. You can apply insect repellent to exposed skin.
7. Remember Mosquitoes can be found in most rural areas, sleep in treated mosquito net




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