Switzerland is a very versatile country, so it's wise to determine in advance what you would like to do and see before traveling. If you like the outdoors, the ski season is from December to March and in July and August the country is perfect for hiking. You should know that for accommodation in the ski areas the prices are much higher during the winter season and also room availability is quite scarce. So best is to book early! The same thing you should keep in mind when planning a city trip during the summer. City trips are more popular in summer. If you don't want to spend to much money, the best time to visit Switzerland is in the shoulder season, which is from May-June and September-October.

People also like to go in these months because of the milder weather. Unfortunately there is not a lot to do in the mountain areas in May and June, due to the fact that it's just after the ski season, so many hotels close down for a few months to take a break.

You can go anytime to Switzerland if you're not into doing activities, like in winter skiing and snowboarding and in summer hiking and swimming in the mountain lakes.


Early spring, from mid-March is a time when the snow starts melting and spring flowers start to grow in the lower valleys. Still higher up the mountains, it may sometimes snow, which is ideal for people who like snow and skiing, but would like to avoid the cold weather.During summer Switzerland and the Alps are the place to be when you like picnics, barbeques and swimming. The entire countryside is green and summer flowers create a beautiful landscape. Activities like hiking and rodel tobogganing are very popular. During autumn the landscape changes from green into red, yellow or orange.... leaves are starting to fall! Hiking is spectacular during this season because of the amazing views from the mountain peaks and also the air is cooler.

If you love snow and you're into sports, then winter is definitely the best time for you to go to Switzerland. Lots of activities can be done, like skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, ice-skating etc. The winter scenery is beautiful with snow covered chalets and pine trees.














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